What You Need To Read, December 2021

This is the final week of classes at Geneseo before finals next week. It has been a trying school year for many of us. Nonetheless I completed a few things. Peter Olsen-Harbich and I completed the third edition of Native America and submitted it to our publisher at Wiley. We expect to see it in print and e-book in time for the fall semester in 2022. That means this is the first bibliography that will be considered for the fourth edition of the book, if and when we get around to doing that work. Before we get to that, a long-awaited sabbatical, during which I hope to make a great deal of progress on my next book, a history of the Onondaga Nation. As always, if you think there is something missing here, please let me know and I will run down the cite. Have a good end of the school year.

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