Study Guide

Welcome to the Manual for Instructors and Students, a collection of resources keyed to each chapter in the second edition of Native America: A History.  These resources are designed to help both instructors and students.  For each chapter an overview lays out the most important points.  A section entitled “To Learn More” will guide those students who wish to read in more depth about a given historical question and to explore the historiography.  A third section contains links to primary sources.  And, finally, a final section includes identification terms and discussion questions that may serve as the basis for in-class or take-home writing assignments.

I hope to keep the lines of communication open. If you find a valuable resource online that has helped you in your research or teaching, please feel free to share it here.  I will update these pages as new resources for the classroom and for student research come to my attention.

A Discussion Forum for Teaching and Writing Native American History