What You Need to Read, September 2018

Here it is, your quarterly guide to the vast literature in Native American Studies.  If I missed something that you found particularly valuable, please let me know and I will be happy to revise this list accordingly.


Allard, Seth.  Guided by the Spirits: The Meanings of Life, Death, and Youth Suicide in an Ojibwa Community, (New York: Routledge, 2018).

Allison, I. R. “Beyond It All: Surveying the Intersections of Modern American Indian, Environmental, and Western Histories,” History Compass, 16 (no. 4, 2018).

Bernstein, David. How the West Was Drawn: Mapping, Indians, and the Construction of the Trans-Mississippi West, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018).

Beyreis, D. “The Chaos of Conquest: The Bents  and the Problem of American Expansion, 1846-1849,” Kansas History, 41 (no. 2, 2018), 74-89.

Bigmouth, Adam. Ojibwe Stories from the Upper Berens River: A Irving Hallowell and Adam Bigmouth in Conversation, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018).

Biolsi, Thomas.  Power and Progress on the Prairie: Governing People on Rosebud Reservation, (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2018).

Brown, K M. “Crafting Identity: Acquisition, Production, Use and Recycling of Soapstone During the Mission Period in Alta California,” American Antiquity, 83 (no. 2, 2018), 244-262.

Brown, Kirby. Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Cherokee Writing, 1907-1970, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2018).

Calloway, Colin.  The Indian World of George Washington: The First President, the First Americans, and the Birth of the Nation, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018).

Canizares-Esguerra, Jorge. Entangled Empires: The Anglo-Iberian Atlantic, 1500-1830, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018).

Case, Martin. The Relentless Business of Treaties: How Indigenous Land Became US Property, (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2018).

Cevasco, Carla. “Hunger Knowledges and Cultures in New England’s Borderlands, 1675-1770,” Early American Studies, 16 (no. 2, 2018), 255-281.

Clark, Andrew J. and Douglas B. Bamforth, Archaeological Perspectives on Warfare on the Great Plains, (Louisville, CO: University of Colorado Press, 2018).

Clemmons, L. M. “‘The Young Folks Wnat to Go in and See the Indians’: Davenport Citizens, Protestant Missionaries, and Dakota Prisoners of War, 1863-1866,” Annals of Iowa, 77 (no. 2, 2018), 121-150.

Colley, Brook and Dave Lewis. Power in the Telling: Grand Ronde, Warm Springs, and Intertribal Relations in the Casino Era, (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2018).

David, Jenny. Talking Indian: Identity and Language Revitalization in the Chickasaw Renaissance, (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2018).

Downey, Allan.  The Creator’s Game: Lacrosse, Identity, and Indigenous Nationhood, (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2018).

DeLucia, Christine M. Memory Lands: King Philip’s War and the Place of Violence in the Northeast, (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2018).

Driscoll, Kerry. Mark Twain among the Indians and other Indigenous Peoples, (Oakland: University of California Press, 2018).

Dubcovsky, Alejandra. “When Archaeology and History Meet: Shipwrecks, Indians, and the Contours of the Early-Eighteenth Century South,” Journal of Southern History, 84 (no. 1, 2018), 39-68.

Erdrick, Heid. New Poets of Native Nations, (Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2018).

Gallo, M. “Improving Independence: The Struggle over Land Surveys in Northwestern Pennsylvania in 1794,” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 142 (no. 2, 2018), 131-161.

Garrett-Davis. J., “The Intertribal Drum of Radio: The Indians for Indians Hour and Native American Media, 1941-1951,” Western Historical Quarterly, 49 (no. 3, 2018), 249-273.

Gelo, Daniel J. Comanches and Germans on the Texas Frontier: The Ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus, (College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 2018).

Gercken, Becca and Julie Pelletier, Gambling on Authenticity: Gaming, the Noble Savage, and the Not-So-New Indian. (East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 2018).

Graber, Jennifer. The Gods of Indian Country: Religion and the Struggle for the American West, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018).

Greer, Allan. Property and Dispossession: Natives, Empires and Land in Early Modern North America, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018).

Handsman, Russell G. “Survivance Strategies and the Materialities of Mashantucket Pequot Labor in the Later Eighteenth Century,” Historical Archaeology, 52 (no. 1, 2018), 51-69.

Hansen, Karen V., G. Osterud, and V. Grim, “Land Was One of the Greatest Gifts: Women’s Land Ownership in Dakota Indian, Immigrant Scandinavian, and African-American Communities,” Great Plains Quarterly, 38 (no. 3, 2018), 251-272.

Haveman, Christopher D. Bending Their Way Onward: Creek Indian Removal in Documents, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018).

Haynes, Joshua S. Patrolling the Border: Theft and Violence on the Creek Georgia Frontier, (Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2018).

Joy, N. “The Indian’s Cause: Abolitionists and Native American Rights,” Journal of the Civil War Era, 8 (no. 2, 2018), 47-74.

Justice, Daniel Heath. Why Indigenous Literatures Matter, (Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2018).

Kauanui, J. Kehaulani, Speaking of Indigenous Politics: Conversations with Activists, Scholars, and Tribal Leaders, (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2018).

Keyes, S. “Western Adventurers and Male Nurse: Indians, Cholera, and Masculinity in Overland Trail Narratives,” Western Historical Quarterly, 49 (no. 1, 2018), 43-64.

Knight, V. J. “Puzzles of Creek Social Organization in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries,” Ethnohistory, 65 (no. 3, 2018), 373-389.

Krupat, Arnold. Changed Forever: American Indian Boarding School Literature. (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2018).

Lampitt, B. C. “The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory: Historiography and Prospects for New Directions in Research,” Civil War History, 64 (no. 2, 2018), 121-145.

Launay, R. “Maize Avoidance: Colonial French Attitudes Towards Native American Foods in the Pays des Illinois (17th-18th Century),” Food and Foodways: History and Culture of Human Nourishment, 26 (no. 2, 2018), 92-104.

Liebler, C.  “Counting America’s First Peoples,” Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 677, (2018), 180-190.

Lightfoot, Kent G. and Gonzalez, S. L. “The Study of Sustained Colonialism: An Example from the Kashaya Pomo Homeland in Northern California,” American Antiquity, 83 (no. 3, 2018), 427-443.

Mancall, Peter C. Nature and Culture in the Early Modern Atlantic, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2018).

Mathes, Valerie Shere. Reservations, Removal, and Reform: The Mission Indian Agents of Southern California, 1878-1903, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2018).

Matthews, C. N. and Manfra A. McGovern, “Created Communities: Segregation and the History of Plural Sites on Eastern Long Island, New York,” Historical Archaeology, 52 (no. 1, 2018), 30-50.

Melton, M. A. “Cropping in an Age of Captive Taking: Exploring Evidence for Uncertainty and Food Insecurity in the Seventeenth Century North Carolina Piedmont,” American Antiquity, 83 (no. 2, 2018), 204-223.

Mihesuah, Devon. Ned Christie: The Creation of an Outlaw and Cherokee Hero, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2018).

Minthorn, Robin Starr and Heather J. Shotten, Reclaiming Indigenous Research in Higher Education, (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2018).

Monaco, C. S. The Second Seminole War and the Limits of American Aggression, (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2018).

Murrin, John. Rethinking America: From Empire to Republic, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018).

Nichols. David Andrew. Peoples of the Inland Sea: Native Americans and Newcomers in the Great Lakes Region, 1600-1870, (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2018).

Nolan, R. “The Midnight Rider: The EPA and Tribal Self-Determination,” American Indian Quarterly, 42 (3), 2018), 329-343.

Parham, Vera.  Pan-Tribal Activism in the Pacific Northwest: The Power of Indigenous Protest and the Birth of the  Daybreak Star Cultural Center, (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2018).

Parker, Alan. Pathways to Indigenous Nation Soveriegnty: A Chronicle of Federal Policy, (East Lansing, MI: Makwa Enewed, 2018).

Peace, Thomas. “Indigenous Intellectual Traditions and Biography in the Northeast: A Historiographical Reflection,” History Compass, 16 (no. 4, 2018).

Posthumus, David C. All My Relatives: Exploring Lakota Ontology, Belief, and Ritual, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018).

Powell, Dana E. Landscapes of Power: Politics of Energy in the Navajo Nation, (Durham: Duke University Press, 2018).

Pressley, P. M. “The Many Worlds of Titus: Marronage, Freedom and the Entangled Borders of Lowcountry Georgia and Spanish Florida,” Journal of Southern History, 83 (no. 3, 2018) 545-578.

Round, Philip. “Mississippian Contexts for Early American Studies,” Early American Literature, 53 (no. 2, 2018), 445-473.

Rutherdale, Myra and Kerry M. Abel, Roots of Entanglement: Essays in the History of Native-Newcomer Relations, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2018).

Stark, H. K and Stark, K. J. “Nenabozho Goes Fishing: A Sovereignty Story,” Daedalus, 147 (no .2, 2018), 17-26.

Stevens, Scott Manning. “Tomahawk: Materiality and Depictions of the Haudenosaunee,” Early American Literature, 53 (no. 2, 2018), 475-511.

Teodoro, M. P., Haider, M., and Switzer, D., “US Environmental Policy Implementation on Tribal Lands: Trust, Neglect, and Justice,” Policy Studies Journal, 46 (no. 1, 2018), 37-59.

Teuton, Sean Kicmmah. Native American Literature: A Very Short Introduction, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018).

Topash-Caldwell, B. “The Birch-Bark Booklets of Simon Pokagon,” Michigan History Magazine, 102 (no.4, 2018), 50-54.

Tusler, M. “Toward a Native Archive: Chicago’s Relocation Photos, Indian Labor and Indigenous Public Text,” American Indian Quarterly, 42 (no. 3, 2018) 375-410.

Watson, Irene.  Indigenous Peoples as Subjects of International Law, (New York: Routledge, 2018).

Wisecup, Kelly. “`Meteors, Ships, Etc’: Native American Histories of Colonialism and Early American Archives,” American Literary History, 30 (no. 1, 2018), 29-54.

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