What You Need To Read, September 2021

I am back in front of the classroom for the first time since March of 2020. It is a busy and exciting time on campus. If you find some time amidst all the adjustments required by a new school year, here is some of the scholarly work that I think might be worth your time. Enjoy, and if there is something you noticed that I missed, please send it along and I will update the list.

Bakken, Dawn E. “The Attempted Potawatomi Removal of 1839,” Indiana Magazine of History, 117 (September 2021), 169-207.

Baumgartner, Alice L. “The Massacre at Gracias a Dios: Mobility and Violence on the Lower Rio Grande, 1821-1856,” Western Historical Quarterly, 52 (Spring 2021), 35-58.

Bigart, Robert and Joseph McDonald, `We Want Freedom and Citizenship’: Documents of Salish, Pend d’Oreille, and Kootenai Indian History, 1912-1920, (Pablo, MT: Salish Kootenai College Press, 2021).

Boxell, Mark. “From Native Sovereignty to an Oilman’s State: Land, Race, and Petroleum in Indian Territory and Oklahoma,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 20 (April 2021), 216-233.

Britten, Thomas A. “Termination by Decentralization? Native American Responss to Federal Regional Councils, 1969-1983,” American Indian Quarterly, 45 (Spring 2021), 121-151.

Bruyneel, Kevin. Settler Memory: The Disavowal of Indigeneity and the Politics of Race in the United States, (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2021).

Cevasco, Carla. “`Nothing Which Hunger Will Not Devour’: Disgust and Sustenance in the Northeastern Borderlands,” Early American Studies, 19 (Spring 2021), 264-293.

Conrad, Paul. The Apache Diaspora: Four Centuries of Displacement and Survival, (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2021).

Cothran, Boyd. “Between Civilization and Savagery: How Reconstruction Era Federal Indian Policy Led to Indian Wars,” Western Historical Quarterly, 52 (Summer 2021), 167-188.

Dinwoodie, Jane. “Evading Indian Removal in the American South.” Journal of American History, 108 (June 2021), 17-41.

Estreicher, Justin. “`Unoccupied and of a Valuable Kind’: The George Gold Rush and Manufactured Cherokee Savagery,” Georgia Historical Quarterly, 105 (no. 2, 2021), 87-119.

Fisher, Dennis Leo. “War, Wampum and Recognition: Algonquin Transborder Political Activism during the Early Twentieth Century, 1919-1931.” American Indian Quarterly, 45 (Winter 2021), 56-79.

Hausman, Stephen R. “Erasing Indian Country: Urban Native Space and the 1972 Rapid City Flood,” Western Historical Quarterly, 52 (Autumn 2021), 305-329.

Hill, Matthew E. and Lauren W. Ritterbush, People in a Sea of Grass: Archaeology’s Changing Perspectives on Indigenous Plains Communities, (Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 2021).

Horn, James P. P., A Brave and Cunning Prince: The Great Chief Opechancanough and the War for America, (New York: Basic Books, 2021).

Hoy, Benjamin.  A Line of Blood and Dirt: Creating the Canada-United States Border Across Indigenous Lands, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2021).

Hudson, Angela Pulley. “The Indian Doctress in the Nineteenth-Century United States: Race, Medicine, and Labor,” Journal of Social History, 54 (Summer 2021), 1160-1187.

Kalweit, Andrew, Marc Clark and Jamie Ishcomer-Aazami, “Determinants of Racial Misclassification in COVID-19 Mortality Data: The Role of Funeral Directors and Social Context,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 44 (no. 3, 2020), 15-36.

Kennedy, Brenden Edward.  “Mississippi Stocks and the 1795 Yazoo Land Sale: Slavery, Securities Markets, Native American Dispossession, and the Panic of 1819 in Alabama,” Alabama Review, 74 (July 2021), 1-38.

Krischer, Elana. “Seneca Conceptions of Land Use and Value: Debates over Land Sovereignty, 1797-1848,” Journal of the Early Republic, 41 (Fall 2021), 373-401.

LaCombe, Michael A. “`To the end that you may the better perceive these things to be true’: Credibility and Ralph Hamor’s A True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia,” Early American Studies, 19 (Spring 2021), 294-321.

Lentis, Marinella. Colonized Through Art: American Indian Schools and Art Education, 1889-1915, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2021).

Mackenthun, Gesa and Christen Mucher, Decolonizing Prehistory: Deep Time and Indigenous Knowledges in Noth America, (Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2021).

Mihesuah, Devon A. Ned Christie: The Creation of an Outlaw and a Cherokee Hero, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2021).

Mize, Jamie Myers. “’To Conclude on a General Union’: Masculinity, the Chickamauga, and Pan-Indian Alliances in the Revolutionary Era,” Ethnohistory, 68 (July 2021), 429-448.

Montgomery, Lindsay M. “A Rejoinder to Body Bags: Indigenous Resilience and Epidemic Disease, from COVID-19 to First ‘Contact’,” American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 44 (no. 3., 2020), 65-86.

Nesper, Larry, Amorin Mellow and Michael S. Wiggins, Our Relations…the Mixed Bloods: Indigenous Transformation and Dispossession in the Western Great Lakes, (Albany: SUNY Press, 2021).

Newman, Paul Douglas. “The `Four Nations of Indians upon the Susquehanna’: Mid-Atlantic Murder, Diplomacy, and Political Identity, 1717-1723,” Pennsylvania History, 88 (Summer 2021), 287-318.

Nichols, David A. “Potawatomi Resistance, Renewal, and Removal,” Indiana Magazine of History, 117 (June 2021), 65-81.

Oberg, Michael Leroy. “The Way Things Matter,” Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 20 (April 2021), 330-332.

Pearl, Chris. “Becoming Patriots: The Struggle for Inclusion and Exclusion on Pennsylvania’s Revolutionary Frontier,” Pennsylvania History,  88 (Summer 2021), 362-401.

Pointer, Richard W. Pacifist Prophet: Papunhank and the Quest for Peace in Early America, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2020).

Rindfleisch, Bryan C. Brothers of Coweta: Kinship, Empire and Revolution in the Eighteenth-Century Muscogee World, (Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 2021).

Sabo, George. Ways of the Ancestors: Ancient Indians of Arkansas, (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas Press, 2021).

Seeley, Samantha.  Race, Removal, and the Right to Remain: Migration and the Making of the United States, (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2021).

Shuck-Hall, Sheri Marie.  Journey to the West: The Alabama and Coushatta Indians,  (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2021).

Spindler, John E. “Slaughter in the Snow,” Military Heritage, 22 (Winter 2021), 62-71.

Tongkeamha, Henrieta, et al., Stories from Saddle Mountain: Autobiographies of a Kiowa Family, (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2021).

Usner, Daniel H. “Chitimacha Diplomacy and Commerce in Colonial Louisiana,” Louisiana History, 62 (Spring 2021), 133-176.

Webster, Rebecca M. “The Wisconsin Oneida and the WPA” Stories of Corn, Colonialism, and Revitalizaation,” Ethnohistory, 68 (July 2021), 407-427.

Wickman, Thomas. “Our Best Places: Gender, Food Sovereignty, and Miantonomi’s Kin on the Connecticut River,” Early American Studies, 19 (Spring 2021), 215-263.

Yarbrough, Fay A. Choctaw Confederates: The American Civil War in Indian Country, (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2021).

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