Book Orders are In

As the semester comes crashing to a close, I did manage to get my book orders in on time for next semester.  For my survey course in Native American History, I will be assigning:

Prucha, Documents of United States Indian Policy, 3rd Edition

Hoxie, Talking Back to Civilization

Treuer, Rez Life

Oberg, Native America, 2nd ed.

Calloway, Our Hearts Fell to the Ground, 2nd edition

and Silverman, Red Brethren.


For my course in American Colonial History, students will read:

Greene, Settlements to Society, 1607-1763

Taylor, American Colonies

Pagan, Anne Orthwood’s Bastard

Oberg, Uncas: First of the Mohegans

Starks, Two Princes of Calabar

and Rediker, The Fearless Benjamin Lay


And for my course in Western Humanities, a required course here at Geneseo, students will read:

Holy Bible, Revised Standard Edition

Aeneid of Virgil

Sophocles, Three Theban Plays

Plato, Republic

Thucydides, On Justice Power and Human Nature

Aquinas, Treatise on Law

Augustine, Confessions

More, Utopia. 



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