The Ballad of Roy Moore

The Ballad of Roy Moore

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Roy Moore, Roy Moore, of the G-O-P

Ran for the Senate, and lost mightily

A Democrat took that seat, Yes, Indeed.

But Ol’ Roy Moore has yet to concede.


But what would’ve happened, if you had won?

A senator who like teens, and bibles, and guns?

When I look at you, here’s what I see–

A monster who feels contempt for democracy.


Roy Moore, Roy Moore, of the G-O-P

It’s wrong to date teens, they seemed to agree

The Republicans knew you stunk, but they wouldn’t dump you

Better elect an old creep than turn that state blue.


And meanwhile they dismantle the administrative state

They cut and they slash the corporate tax rate.

When the people say, “Hey! You Republicans are Cruel!”

It’s clear they could not care less ’bout majority rule.


The Courts with conservative activists they pack

Good oung people protesting, these racists attack

They despise minorities, and students, and the poor

Morally bankrupt, they’re rotten to the core.


So here’s to the Oligarchic, Rich and White G-O-P

Roy Moore’s an apple who didn’t fall far from the tree.

He’s a monster with contempt for democracy,

No different than Trump and Trump’s Grand Old Party

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